“I became obsessed with coconut milk about two years ago when I discovered this little place in Amagansett called Caravan and they had the most delicious cold brew coffee spiked with it," says Gucci who spends summer beach days with her family on the Long Island hamlet. The local eatery has since closed shop—but her taste for the light and frothy non-dairy milk alternative is alive and well.

These days, she whips it up at home with her Vitamix. “Coconut milk is a really great way to hydrate because of all the natural electrolytes and potassium,” says Gucci, who likes to refuel with a glass on a hot day or following a good workout (today’s session involved a heated class at Core Yoga). Made from scratch rather than store-bought, it also contains a higher concentration of food enzymes, Vitamins (B6, C, niacin, and folate), and super nutrients like lauric acid, which has been linked to a boost in brain function and metabolism. And because it doesn’t involve any of the allergens or intolerances of lactose or soy, it’s easy to drink straight or splash into healthy smoothies and lattes. 

Gucci's favorite recipe is fast and simple. First, it calls for "a young coconut, that’s key,” she says, referring to the pale cream-colored variety of the fruit, which tends to be lower in fat, sweeter in taste, and higher in calcium and antioxidants than its more mature dark brown counterparts.  She also prefers using cold water in her blender, because “hot water releases more of the coconut oil, which can be hard on digestion as the milk becomes thicker and fattier,” she says. “I like my coconut milk to be smooth and light.”     

Just in time for peak summer, watch her prep, pour, and drink it in just under three minutes flat.

The Recipe


• 2 young white coconuts

• Cinnamon powder

• 1 – 1 1/2 cups of cold water (for a thicker consistency, add less water; for a lighter and smoother consistency, add more)


Remove the top of each coconut and pour coconut water into a Vitamix. Scoop out the coconut meat from the shell and add to blender. Shake in cinnamon to taste, then blend on high-speed for about 2 minutes or until frothy and well-combined.

Pour the mixture into a large bowl covered with a nut milk bag or cheesecloth-lined fine mesh sieve. Strain to remove the remaining coconut meat. Pour the remaining milk back into the Vitamix and blend again.

Drink and enjoy on the spot, or transfer to a sealed glass bottle and store in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.