On location in Los Angeles or at home in New York City, Gucci starts most days in front of her Vitamix: “Living on an ashram in California and later growing up in Sweden, we always had organic fruits and vegetables from my parents’ garden. We got our milk from the farmer. I’ve always believed that eating well is the foundation of everything—whether it’s good health or having a nice glow to your skin.”  Her favorite strawberry hemp milk smoothie kicks things off on the right note, especially when it’s supercharged with the immunity, digestion and energy-boosting supplements that have a permanent place on her kitchen countertop.

“It’s a very easy recipe,” Gucci says of the simple pick-me-up that can always be found in her fridge, adding a box of sliced strawberries and a fistful of high-in-omega hemp hearts to the blender. The smoothie's subtly sweet touch comes courtesy of vanilla extract, half a date, and anti-inflammatory cinnamon. Then it's topped with a scoop of Moon Juice Probiotics and Moon Juice Tocos Powder, a creamy, nutrient-rich addition to any drink—“except maybe margaritas!"

The calming, protein-packed treat gives a boost to skin and hair, while helping decrease bloat and aid in digestion. “Isn’t that pretty?” she says of the Instagrammable tonic, which she stores in a recycled glass bottle and acts as a mid-day power boost. “Cheers!”


1 bottle of water

1 box of sliced organic strawberries

1/4 bag of organic hemp hearts


Vanilla extract

1/2 of a date

1 scoop of Moon Juice Probiotics

1/2 scoop of Moon Juice Tocos


Blend on high until smooth. Pour and enjoy.