Clean Beauty Concierge

Welcome to Clean Beauty Concierge! We started this service to create our own warm community – real human connection. Ask our Westman Atelier makeup artists all your clean beauty questions. We can't wait to connect with you.

How It Works

Step 1: Choose a makeup artist below and click 'Book Session'.
Step 2: Check your email for the confirmation and Zoom link.
Step 3: Download Zoom & sign in a few minutes before the session.
Step 4: After your session, check your email for a summary!


Our team of makeup artists are here to help with all of your clean beauty needs.

Westman Atelier Clean Beauty Concierge Makeup Artist Rikka Rikka
Location: California
Age: 31 Years Old
Language(s): English
More about Rikka: I love healing crystals, animals & traveling.
Vital Skin Shade: Atelier XI, XI.5, XII
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Westman Atelier Clean Beauty Concierge Makeup Artist Clay Clay
Location: United Kingdom
Age: 32 Years Old
Language(s): English
More about Clay: Music and makeup are my passions. I’m also a DJ.
Vital Skin Shade: Atelier II, VI, VII
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Westman Atelier Clean Beauty Concierge Makeup Artist Gustavo Gustavo
Location: New York
Age: 42 Years Old
Language(s): English, Spanish
More about Gustavo: French Bulldog and Pug lover with a passion for travel.
Vital Skin Shade: Atelier IX, X, XI
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Westman Atelier Clean Beauty Concierge Makeup Artist Rita Rita
Location: Colorado
Age: 43 Years Old
Language(s): English
More about Rita: Finding joy in music, health/wellness & positive energy.
Vital Skin Shade: Atelier I, III, IV
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Location: Illinois
Age: 39 Years Old
Language(s): English
More about Katie: Mom, Business Owner, World Traveler.
Vital Skin Shade: Atelier VI, VII
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Get Ready

  • Download Zoom and sign in before your session time
  • Sit facing a window or near natural light for optimal color matching
  • Have a list of questions ready & enjoy!

Topic Suggestions

  • What is clean beauty?
  • What is my Vital Skin Foundation shade?
  • How do I do a smoky eye?
  • Where can I apply Super Loaded Tinted Highlight?
  • How do I do a bold red lip?

Can I send you a picture for a recommendation?
Yes! Fill out our Vital Skin Foundation shade match form, and we'll send you a recommendation in 2 business days.
What happens after the session?
After the session you will receive an email from the Westman Atelier MUA with a summary of your discussion and any recommended products. Please note that due to volume, the MUAs are not able to respond to follow-up emails.
I'm living outside of the US, how does this work?
No problem! Just as long as you can log into Zoom, you can participate in the session anywhere in the world.
There are no times available, how can I book a session?
Sessions open up on a 15 day rolling basis. That means each day new sessions open up 15 days in the future. Be sure to check back often. If someone cancels their appointment, we will re-post that time for someone else to book.
Are there longer sessions available?
We currently only offer 20-minute sessions but plan to expand in the future. Sign up for our email newsletter to make sure you're notified when new sessions launch.
What if I do not own any Westman Atelier products yet?
That's okay! There's lots to discuss about color selection, application, and clean beauty. Just let us know how we can help.
How many sessions can I book?
There's no limit on the number of sessions you can book. We'd love to chat with you again!
Do I have to pay for the session?
No, this is a complimentary service provided by the Westman Atelier team.
Can a Westman Atelier makeup artist host a virtual or in-person event for me and my friends?
We would love to discuss a virtual or in-person event for you and your friends. Please email us at