More than two decades as a professional makeup artist and a lifetime’s worth of holistic living gave Gucci plenty of time to meditate on the beauty line of her dreams.  So when she set out to create Westman Atelier, she looked to her own bathroom shelves first: “I wanted to replace my favorite makeup bag staples with products that would focus on clean ingredients, wellness, and performance,” she says of tackling her personal wishlist. 

To get there, the game plan looked something like this: Merge plant-powered actives with buttery textures and lush pigments that last. Distill into a collection of easy, luxurious makeup sticks that can be tossed into any bag. Make life simpler.

The journey itself had more twists and turns than she could have imagined. Here, Gucci comes clean on why she founded Westman Atelier, why we deserve to know what’s in our products, and what’s next.