“Summer is a really inspiring time for me to cook and be healthy. It also involves lots of fun travel. My husband, David, and I will go to the South of France for a wedding. Then our children will join us and we’ll go on to Sweden, where I lived as a child, to visit family and enjoy the good food and good air. I’m also headed to London for the launch of Westman Atelier at Net-a-Porter in the UK. Eventually we will land in the Hamptons, where we’ll enjoy the beach and invite lots of friends and family into our home. My seasonal checklist—or in some cases more like my seasonal wishlist—includes the best slow juicer, the most beautiful beach towels and a pair of summer sandals that will travel anywhere.”

Hurom H-AI Slow Juicer

"In the warmer months, I make juices every morning, so I’m on the lookout for a user-friendly juicer that’s really easy to clean. This one by Huron is the dream. It has amazing slow squeeze technology that keeps things fresh, unprocessed, and super pure. And it can be used for smoothies and nut milks!”

Hurom H-AI Slow Juicer

Moda Operandi Home Products

"We entertain a lot in the Hamptons, so I’ve been looking at Moda Operandi’s home products and am excited about getting some really beautiful glasses, table linens, and the most festive glass straws, which I use because they’re so much better for the environment.”

La DoubleJ Housewives Dessert Plates La DoubleJ Housewives Dessert Plates
 Stephanie Fishwick Linen Napkins Stephanie Fishwick Linen Napkins
 Tessaro Glass Straws Tessaro Glass Straws

Westman Atelier Super Loaded

"My favorite Westman Atelier product for the summer is the Super Loaded Tinted Highlight. It smells like coconut and gives my skin a nice warmth and since it’s a bronzer, blush and contour, I can carry one product instead of three in my bag.”

Loewe Leather Sandals

"I first saw these Loewe sandals in Australia and they are just so cute. They’re canvas and leather—the perfect mix for a heat wave.”

Loewe Leather Sandals

Summer Cookbooks

"I’ve got my eye on a few nice cookbooks to get me excited about healthy barbecuing and new summer recipes. I’m excited to try a lot of things in Gwyneth’s new book, Clean Plate. Jessica Seinfeld’s recipes in Food Swings seem quick, easy, and super manageable.”

Gwenyth Paltrow's Clean Plate cook book Gwyneth Paltrow's Clean Plate
Jessica Seinfeld's Food Swings Jessica Seinfeld's Food Swings

Colorful Beach Towels

"I love pretty beach towels. It’s fun to go to the seaside with them—you know which one is yours!—and they just make you happy. These three are inspiring with their great colors and fabrics.”

Herme's Quadrige Marin Beach Towel Hermes Quadrige Marin Beach Towel
 Louis Vuitton Monogram Classic Beach Towel Louis Vuitton Monogram Classic Beach Towel
Onia Linen Beach Blanket Onia Linen Beach Blanket