(Petal, Dou Dou, Bichette, Poppet, Chouchette, Minette)

Q: What's the Best Baby Cheeks Color for My Skin Tone?

"The idea behind Baby Cheeks was to create just a few perfect blush shades that amplify the skin so that it looks like the color is coming from within, rather than sitting on top. They're inspired by the colors I was always creating on set by blending a little of this and a little of that, because they look so good on everyone. Our clean formula also has skin-nourishing actives and lightweight oils, which really helps the color to melt into the skin for a supernatural effect.

There are no rules—but if you're trying to figure out which of our six Baby Cheeks blushes is best for you, I hope these tips help!" xx Gucci


"Most women know intuitively if they look better in rosy blushes or peachy ones. So I always say, start there. If you usually go for a pinkish tone, Petal and Dou Dou are your best choices. Then think about the natural undertones in your skin—it can look really nice to offset them. I have a lot of yellow in my complexion, for instance, so I like the way the cool undertones in Dou Dou translate on me. If your skin is more ruddy or pinkish, I’d treat those areas with foundation first to neutralize any redness, then add back some healthy color with Petal, which is more of a warm browny rose. It’s also our best-selling shade!"


"If peachy tones are your thing, I'd say go for Chouchette. It's a nude peach that's so versatile and works on everyone from the model Malaika Firth, who I used it on recently for a shoot, to the stunning Liz Kennedy, who has fair skin. It's got a little bit of nude in it that picks up the bronze in the skin and a soft, buttery quality that opens up the face. Minette is its punchier cousin: It's the only Baby Cheeks shade with a hint of shimmer in the undertone, so it has a gorgeous brightening effect." 


"Poppet is a bright flash of pink that is really its own thing and people are often surprised by how super wearable it is. If your skin is deeper in tone, like an Atelier XII in the Vital Skin foundation range for example, Poppet looks especially great. It is also beautiful if you have a lot of olive in your skin—Jennifer Aniston loves Poppet, for instance—because it melds with those golden tones in a way that looks so authentically rosy.  

And then there's Bichette, our newest Baby Cheeks shade! I wanted a beautiful red berry color with a velvety finish that could be blended down to give a healthy, oxygenated flush—like that little rush of blood-under-the-cheeks color when you've been out for a long walk. It can also be layered on for a bolder effect that's stunning. It truly works on the deepest skin tones all the way through the fairest.  I'm just really loving Bichette right now."


Check out the full Baby Cheeks blush collection here!

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