The face-framing power of a perfectly shaped eyebrow is undeniable—especially when you've got a serious case of overplucker's regret. "My mother always told me never to touch my brows," says Gucci, who is currently warming up for a master class in creating fuller, fluffier arches in an instant. Sure enough, she ignored that intergenerational wisdom in her teenage years, and now spends most mornings obsessively bulking up her own brunette set. With the right pro technique providing a visibly bushier effect, all that's left to do is dab on a bit of dewy foundation and subtly flushed cheek color before dashing out the door—how's that for easy?

Here, watch Gucci's quick lesson on how to fill in your brows, from fixing scrawny arches to the absolute best pencil and the ridiculously simple trick she learned way back in makeup school. 

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