Perched on a hilltop just outside Zürich's city center sits The Dolder Grand hotel, where Gucci recently stayed while in the Swiss hotspot for a series of photo shoots. The location boasts breathtaking views of Zürich Lake and the Alps, but on the lower level is its award-winning spa with an atmosphere equally as striking.

With 4.000 square meters of space, whirlpools, private treatment pods, and a variety of experiential saunas—it's an oasis with something for any traveler. "After a few days of early call times, it felt so nice to pop in before my next flight—and so incredibly serene."

She chose from an extensive list of treatments, including facials with Amala products (a favorite new skincare discovery), before slipping into a robe and moving through two spaces unlike anything she'd ever seen before: Japanese-style sunaburo pods with heated lava pebbles and a "snow paradise" chilled room. Exposing the body to a mix of temperatures through volcanic sand that warms gradually and cold therapy has many health and skin-boosting benefits, including increased circulation and pain relief.

"The bath treatment felt so relaxing, and I was told the mineral-rich pebbles naturally detoxify," says Gucci. "Then I hopped into the snow room to get my blood-flowing. I left spa feeling completely rejuvenated." Check out Gucci's camera roll for a closer look!

The Dolder Grand
Kurhausstrasse 65 8032
Zürich Switzerland
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