Being born with black or dark brows is a bit like winning the genetic lottery—those bold arches provide an instant frame for the face. But when it comes to filling or lengthening them with pencil for a thicker, more polished look, it's all about the lightest touch. 

“I like to follow these steps that I learned in makeup school in Paris,” Gucci says of using a pencil to figure out where brows should start and end—watch her easy technique in today's full video tutorial!—and settling on the perfect shade.   For those with true black hair, a slightly softer shade of black pencil is key. "Anything really pitch black can look cosmetic," she explains, reaching for Bonne Brow Defining Pencil in Slate, to compliment model Sahara Lin's umber twists. The “gray-black” subtle hue is designed to be “super easy to use” and, thanks to its cool undertone, looks believably natural.  Those with dark brunette hair or blondes who prefer a dark brow, on the other hand, may want to try Bark, which is a woodsier, warmer brown tone.

Once you're ready to fill, a gradual build is the secret. “I like to emulate little hairs,” says Gucci. She starts with ultra-fine strokes using the super-precise angled pencil, then brushes through with Bonne Brow's built-in dry spoolie brush.  Gucci fills in gaps within arches slowly, encouraging anyone at home to take your time, “play around, and get the most flattering shape.” After just a few seconds, the difference is visibly dramatic, yet believably natural. Watch the full video to see more!

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Still not sure which Bonne Brow pencil is for you? Watch Gucci's guide to choosing your best shade—or schedule a complimentary appointment with our Clean Beauty Concierge! They'll help you nail it in minutes.