Q: Which Bonne Brow Shade Is Right For Me?

If you ask Gucci for the most surefire way to find your best shade of brow pencil, she'll narrow it down to one simple trick:  “A really easy rule of thumb is to choose a shade that’s about two shades deeper than the hair on your head,” she says, breaking down the most failsafe way to choose which Bonne Brow Defining Pencil in a hue that's your perfect match. That said, brows are nothing if not personal—so always go with your gut! "I’m not really following the rule [myself] because I’m using Slate," Gucci confesses. "I like a really dark brows!"  

With its clean, vegan formula and naturally derived pigments, Bonne Brow’s pencil offers firm-yet-gentle shading that turns feathery arches into effortless work. “No matter the shade that’s right for you, start with a light touch and build up,” says Gucci, who always makes use of the clean spoolie brush on the opposite end of the wand. “This thing is so helpful, it’s truly like a makeup artist came to your house and did your brows."

Watch the full video above, or skim through this at-a-glance guide to the four Bonne Brow shades—from deepest to fairest—in Gucci’s words. 

Shop Bonne Brow in Slate

“If you have black hair or blackish brown hair, you'd choose Slate. It's a cool, subtle, natural black tone.”

Shop Bonne Brow in Bark

 “A woodsy, warm brown—great for people with dark brown hair. If you’re blonde [and want a deeper brow], you could also go for Bark."

Shop Bonne Brow in Clay

“Clay, which is a taupey blonde, is great for people with medium blonde, dirty blonde, or light brown hair.”

Shop Bonne Brow in Stone

“Stone is that cool blonde tone. Perfect for very fair skin and those with lighter blonde hair or red hair.” 


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