Poppy Delevingne has just returned from an extended vacation in Ibiza—and she has the proof to show for it: her signature baby blonde braid has taken on an accidental chlorine-induced tinge. “My hair’s basically green,” laughs the London-based model and actress, who resorted to an emergency color-correcting fix plucked from her own kitchen cupboard.  “I can’t wait to go to a hairdresser instead of using tomato ketchup!” 

That stealth remedy isn’t Delevingne’s only insider beauty trick. “I’m a bit of a makeup and skin-care junkie,” confesses the 35-year-old, who will receive the full Seventies-glam treatment—“all the different looks and lashes and mad hair”—in her portrayal of Lady Victoria Hodge for the upcoming gangster biopic, The Chelsea Cowboy

Off set, Delevingne emits a similarly vintage Bond girl energy, merging eternally bronze skin and freckles with a sunny disposition and the occasional scene-stealing red lip. As she taps on a bright poppy lip shade from the Les Rouges compact, she credits her free-spirited supermodel sister, Cara, as a makeup muse. "She’s always taught me to really go for it!” 

It's a metaphor that extends to both beauty and business. Last year, Poppy and Cara, along with their eldest sibling Chloe, co-founded Della Vite, a line of fine Prosecco that makes getting ready all the more merry. Fermented for 60 days over the standard 30, it's a creamy, soft, slightly less sweet take on the iconic Italian spirit, which has been the preferred form of sparkling wine during Delevingne sister toasts for decades.  

Produced on a small family winery in the country's Valdobbiadene region using sustainable methods, says Delevingne, it avoids all hidden animal byproducts during filtration (translation: It's vegan!) and chemical nitrates during storage.  And more good news: Having swiftly flown off shelves at Selfridges and garnered industry acclaim in Europe, it's just arrived Stateside and is imminently ready for sipping.

In the latest episode of "The Face," Delevingne talks bubbles, beauty, and how she gets that eternal bronze glow. Plus, her best trick for making her deep blue eyes, well, pop!  Watch the full episode now!




Della Vite Prosecco is currently available at Reserve Bar in the US. For more episodes of The Face, check out our full archive!