Ask Gucci about her favorite summer workouts and the answer has everything to do with an energizing fresh air excursion in the sun. Ranking high at the top of the list? A quick paddleboarding session that tones arms and abs—while delivering glowing skin that always catches the light.  On a recent Friday morning, she slipped into Cover Swim’s striped maillot (“they make the chicest and safest sun protective swimwear!”), Levi's cutoffs, and her trusty waterproof Birkenstocks, then headed to the beach near her Hamptons home with a Lit Up Highlight Stick in hand.

A floating Makeup in Motion tutorial may be knowingly cheeky, but there's truth in the idea that “we all want to look a little more glowy and juicy!” Gucci says as she swipes the incandescent gel formula along her cheekbones, dabs it across the cupid’s bow of the mouth, and even taps it on as impromptu lip balm. “I just don’t want too much in the humidity because I don’t want to look like a sweaty mess!" Fortunately, the quietly luminous product contains dewy hyaluronic acids spheres and a sheer iridescent undertone that's virtually impossible to overdo. "It's a really elegant highlight that just picks up the light in the right way,” says Gucci as she pops the magnetic cap back on and begins paddling toward shore.   Bonus points for crossing off a morning makeup routine and a morning workout in a single stroke.