Five minutes after Martha Stewart steps through the front door of Gucci's NYC apartment to shoot the latest episode of "Makeup & Friends," it's clear she is full of surprises. Within the span of a single breath, she name checks MedMen, the premium cannabis dispensary where she recently picked up CBD; gives a shout out to The Row for their impeccably tailored white button-downs; and admits to binge-watching Dickinson, the new historical comedy-drama starring Hailee Seinfeld and Wiz Khalifa because, well, she loves rap music.

Charming, pragmatic, and disarmingly funny with a presence that fills the entire room, Martha seems to know everything about everything. That includes beauty, whether the topic is the best makeup remover for taking off high-def foundation, the contour stick she uses to define her eyes, and the one-hour masking ritual she does first thing in the morning. There's also her burgeoning CBD skincare line—a work in progress influenced by Snoop Dogg, her good friend and cosmically kismet co-star on the breakout hit Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party.

Watch as Gucci sits down with her neighbor, friend, and fellow horse lover for a makeup tutorial, face sculpting session, and a candid chat about everything from the night Martha met Snoop (note: there's a contact high involved) to the "late bloomer" career catalyst that jumpstarted her empire.  

Martha Wears


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