Backstage at the Khaite show during New York Fashion Week, one flashing object is commanding special attention. “It’s called the Koyo Rantania Miracle-K and it’s a handheld light device with microcurrent,” says Gucci, who is currently fielding inquiries from models who are experiencing a pass of the skin-firming machine in the makeup chair. “You can only get it in Japan—and I’m obsessed with it.” 

 At first glance, the gleaming black and gold chrome handheld pod has more in common with a BMW than a next generation beauty tool.  It is solid in the hand with a serious engine, high-powered LED panels, and a gleaming finish like car paint. But a quick flick of the on switch sends its lights flashing. ‘You can feel the micro-current penetrating your skin—if you do just one side, you’ll actually see it lift,” says Gucci, who uses it for ten to twenty minutes at a time before makeup. 

If further proof of persuasion is needed, this might be it: “Guaranteed, every time I use it on one of my actress clients and they see what a difference it makes, they’re like ‘what is that?’ Then the next time I go there, I have to get one for another friend,” she says.  A long haul flight to Asia for a face-firming device that costs almost as much as the ticket? Extreme, perhaps, but when it comes to beauty, says Gucci with a laugh, ”where there’s a will, there’s a way!”