If fifty is the new twenty, it's women like Julianne Moore that make it so.  At the height of her power as an actor, the Oscar winner has, at 59, never been more beautiful. And yet one gets the sense that vanity simply isn't Moore's thing: When she arrived at Gucci's Upper West Side home to film the latest episode of "Makeup & Friends," she was authentically bare-faced, authentically unself-conscious, and authentically, well, stunning. Just ahead of the 2020 Oscars in Los Angeles this weekend, Gucci sits down with her longtime friend to share the secret behind her legendary skin and why she's not buying into the 'fear of aging' brainwashing. Plus, the Oscar night dress debacle she's never shared until now and how she pulled off her most memorable on-screen makeup moment with help from Tom Ford. Watch the full video!

10 episodes. 10 iconic women. 10 unfiltered conversations. To watch the first episode of "Makeup & Friends" with special guest Demi Moore, click here!