"Hi guys, it's a rainy day, and I officially have to do my roots," says Gucci, who is holding DP Hue's Root Touch Up Kit, a semi-permanent system passed along by celebrity colorist Justin Anderson that's free of sulfates, SLS, parabens and (bonus!) comes in recyclable packaging, too. With no trip to the salon in the foreseeable near future and grays creeping in at the hairline, "I can't take it anymore!"  

Fast forward to today's video in Gucci's bathroom, where she tackles the at-home dye job, then uses the 45 minute color processing time to squeeze in a skin treatment, courtesy of Aurelia's Overnight Recovery Mask and a pass of her favorite Ratania light device. She finishes up with a quick brow darkening for face-framing depth using Eylure's permanent dye, which she buys in London at the Duty Free and sweeps it on using a clean mascara spool before letting it set.  

Then just like that, the clock's done ticking. Desperate times—but maybe not-so-desperate measures? With a quick rinse, the grays are gone, the skin looks alive, and the brows are visibly bushier. Watch the full video now!

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