"When I do my makeup to go out, I take five minutes." That's Gucci, talking about the spark behind our new Eye Pods palette, which debuts today exclusively on Westman-Atelier.com. The lushly pigmented clean beauty shadow trios are based on her favorite shades for enhancing eyes and intensifying depth in a flash on set with actresses like Julianne Moore and supermodels including Isabeli Fontana, not to mention her own real life 'day to night' makeup ritual.   

Nearly two years in the making, the unique cream-powder hybrid formula is finally here—arriving in two curated color collections: Les Jours (featuring warm shades of chocolate, bronze, and incandescent ivory) and Les Nuits (in jet black, oxblood, and glimmering champagne). But the journey to arriving at a clean formula that could meet her criteria wasn't always so intuitive. When she first saw the Eye Pods prototype, Gucci recalls, "it was full of silicones." In addition to the fact that the "no list" ingredient remains a question mark in terms of its environmental biodegradability, she'd never liked its slick, occlusive quality, which results in makeup visually "sitting on the surface of the skin."

Harnessing plant-based ingredients including coconut oil derivatives and featherweight rice extracts instead gave the Eye Pods formula a flawless velvety glide and luminosity that makes even the deepest shades in the palette super wearable. Naturally derived pigments, bound together by a unique oil-gel suspension system that melds on contact with skin, give it a melting elastic-cushion sensation.

And then there's its sleek and portable packaging. "Our son, Dash, was playing around with [the magnetic Vital Skin foundation] caps one day," Gucci says of the moment that got her thinking about a more practical eye way to approach the traditional eye shadow palette. "Often when I have a palette, I end up using one shade and carrying this whole big [tray] around." She worked on perfecting a trio of shades that would look stunning on every skin tone, then popped them into magnetic pods that can be snapped together or apart in an instant. "I like to throw one in my bag." The goal? More wow. Less guesswork. Less waste. 

In today's beauty tutorial, Gucci gives a first unfiltered look at Les Jours and Les Nuits—then sets to work on a flawless 5-minute smoky eye look with help from a pair of brand new Eye Shadow Blender brushes. It's just the thing for a boost right now—and a bit of much-needed beauty drama. Watch the full video tutorial now! 

Plus, see Gucci use Eye Pods on Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana in this sneak peak video. And because no day-to-night eye makeup ritual is complete without a major volumizing mascara, check out our "Evening Eyes" tutorial


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