Every year around the first day in March, the entire Westman Atelier team experiences the skincare equivalent of spring fever. Or, more accurately, a burning desire to get rid of ‘winter face’—and the sudden inexplicable feeling that all. mirrors. are. the. enemy.  Fortunately, it’s nothing a supercharged antioxidant-meets-moisture boost can’t fix!  

Today, Gucci shares her ‘ready for spring’ skincare routine, jumpstarted by Furtuna’s nutrient-rich micellar water to boost skin’s baseline radiance.  She follows with 15 minutes of Lyma’s new medical grade at-home laser, which uses the most powerful light energy on the market to boost collagen production and clarity (join the waitlist for US shipping now, people!).  

Two top derm-powered skincare elixirs —in the form of Macrene Actives' magic serum and Rose Ingleton's peptide-packed face cream—deliver a mega infusion of moisture.  And for the fake-it-til-you-make-it final touch?  Gucci uses Vital Skin foundation to give a dewy, healthy, even quality to the complexion and Lit Up Highlight stick in Brûlée for a glassy, just-had-a-facial golden glow.  A sheer swipe of just-bitten juicy lip balm—and spring, we’re ready for you, baby.  

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