Q: What's the best makeup and skincare approach for oily skin?

There's a luminous quality to the natural oils found in skin that give it a healthy glow. But as anyone with a super oily complexion knows, the shine factor and breakouts can occasionally go rogue. A dermatologist's advice is the best route for persistent issues. But as a general rule, having worked with countless women across the age and skin tone spectrum on set, Gucci sees the most positive results from gentle products that maintain the health, balance, and moisture of the skin.

"Overstripping actually makes the skin produce more oil as it tries to replenish its hydration levels," says Gucci, who stays away from oil-free face creams and even oil-free makeup formulations when working with all skin types. "I prefer to keep the skin very dewy and tone down shine with a light setting powder in areas like the t-zone if it's needed." When creating the Vital Skin formula, she adds, she infused it with a lightweight coconut oil, which has natural antimicrobial properties, and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help soothe irritations, including existing red blemishes, "so it could do more than conceal, it could also calm and correct."

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