Q: What are the essential hair products you can't live without?

A plant-based shampoo with roots in the Amazon and a French salon treatment that turns "hair the texture of a broom" into silk are at the top of Gucci's list.  In today's "Ask Gucci" video, she walks through her favorite haircare products for color, shine, and strength.

The Hit List

Rahua Color Full Shampoo and Conditioner: Smoothing, hydrating, and antioxidant-rich oils harvested sustainably from the Amazon rainforest regulate the scalp and provide natural UV protection for color.

David Mallet Mask No. 3 La Couleur: This transformative treatment restores the pH of colored hair and seals its cuticle at the molecular level with a lightweight infusion that includes vinegar, raspberry, and grapeseed to slow fading and nourish from the root.

Schwarzkopf Igor Expert Mousse: Available in a range of shades, a tinted conditioning foam—prescribed by a professional colorist—deposits temporary pigment that keeps color looking fresh and tonal.

David Mallet Vitamin Gel: Active ingredients like Vitamin B, C, and E fortify while providing shine in this innovative styling product.

The Tokio Treatment at David Mallett salon: This steam-infused hair restructuring treatment is available at the super stylist's SoHo and Paris outposts.  For a closer look, watch Gucci sit for a session during New York Fashion Week.


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