You asked. We answered. Here's everything you want to know about Vital Skin foundation. 

Created as the very first product in the Westman Atelier collection, Gucci designed Vital Skin's clean and creamy foundation formula to address her own rosacea-prone skin issues: A luxurious yet lightweight foundation that melts into skin on contact and corrects as it covers using plant-powered treatment actives at efficacy levels.

Silky coconut and camelia oils boost hydration; squalene restore suppleness; raspberry cell extract provides antioxidant protection; and skin identical naturally derived compounds calm irritation and redness.

How do I pick the correct shade of Vital Skin foundation?

Shade matching can be tough online. Try these three steps!

    1. Check 'Find My Shade' on the Vital Skin page.

    2. Send us a photo here for email recommendations.

    3. Schedule a complimentary video call with a Westman Atelier makeup artist through our Clean Beauty Concierge service. 

    Once opened, how long is it good?

    The Period After Opening (PAO) is 18 months for Vital Skin Foundation. 

    When is refillable packaging coming?

    Westman Atelier is working toward refillable packaging, starting with our circular compacts, and will be steadily converting over as many of our products as possible beginning in 2022. In the meantime, our product empties can be dropped at Credo boutiques nationwide for recycling in partnership with Pact.

    What is the Vital Skin coverage like?  

    Vital Skin is a luxurious creamy formula that effortlessly melts into the skin to provide fresh-buildable coverage with a natural radiant finish.  

    How should you prep dry skin before using Vital Skin Foundation?

    Vital Skin is a creamy formula that contains active skincare ingredients at efficacy levels, including plant-derived squalene and coconut oil, to hydrate and nourish on a cellular level, so skin feels supple and comfortable as you wear it. If you'd like an extra boost of radiance and have a little extra time on your hands, check out this video on how Gucci preps her skin for Vital Skin.

    Been using a flat brush to minimize the amount used but still seems to accentuate my pores. Help!

    There are two tips that may help with your concern:

    1. Prep your skin prior to applying foundation.

    Polished and moisturized skin is the quickest way to a smooth and radiant complexion. We recommend exfoliating on a weekly basis, as well as moisturizing and using sun protection daily for a perfect canvas for starting your application.

    2. Check that your foundation color isn’t too light in tone.

    We recommend using 2 Vital Skin shades, one lighter tone to brighten under eye and through the center of face, and a slightly deeper color on the periphery of the face or anywhere you need to even skin tone. Foundation shades also vary slightly with the seasons—you may be slightly fairer in the fall and winter, and slightly deeper in spring and summer. A foundation brush does wonders for the most refined application.

    What's the best way to apply this formula?

    With our Vital Skin Foundation Brush! You can also use your fingertips to blend.

    How do I apply 2 shades of Vital Skin for a second skin effect? 

    All skin types contains natural variations in tone. As a professional makeup artist, Gucci uses two foundation shades to create a look that is incredibly natural and indistinguishable from real skin. First, dip your brush into your Vital Skin Foundation and blend through the center of the face for brightness. Then use the darker Vital stick anywhere you need coverage to even your skin tone. Watch this video for a visual guide to this simple technique.

    This product sounds amazing but why coconut oil? It's known to be so comedogenic?

    Coconut oil, along with the other clean and safe actives in our formula, replaces silicones to give Vital Skin its lightweight creamy and comfortable texture while replenishing moisture levels, bolstering elasticity, and reducing inflammation. We work closely with our labs to ensure appropriate percentages of each ingredient and demand the highest performance from our formulas. 

    We know that this still might not be the best fit for absolutely everyone and so we are constantly experimenting with ingredients to find the best and newest formulations to delight our customers. 

    Tips to keep foundation on all day? Can it be set?

    Our formulas are developed to perform and wear beautifully throughout the day.  Vital Skin's creamy texture makes it easy to layer on over existing makeup for an instant refresh at any point. You could also dust a lightweight translucent setting powder in the T-zone area for an extra boost of longevity.

    Do you use your foundation for under eyes and/or any spot coverage? 

    Yes! Vital Skin functions as a creamy concealer and foundation and can be used to diffuse the look of dark circles and spots. When covering blemishes or hyperpigmentation, be sure to use a shade that isn’t too light.

    To learn more about Gucci's "spot checking" concealer technique, watch this video.

    What skin types should use Vital Skin?

    Vital Skin is made for all skin types, including sensitive or rosacea-prone complexions, due to its concentration of soothing plant-actives, which calm inflammation and redness while maintaining balanced moisture in the skin.

    How to apply with fingers?

    Apply Vital Skin straight from the stick to skin where needed and gently tap foundation with clean fingers to blend. For more control and coverage, use clean fingertips to pick up the desired amount of Vital Skin from the stick before dabbing it onto the face where needed. Then blend. Simple! 

    For a more polished finish use a foundation brush.

    Would you ever consider adding SPF to the formula?   

    At this time, we don't have plans to add SPF to Vital Skin's clean foundation formula. Gucci always applies a broad-spectrum sunscreen several minutes before starting makeup.

    How do you recommend I clean my face of your foundation?

    Cleansing oil is an especially great way to gently remove makeup without stripping your skin. It easily breaks down pigments and works well for sensitive skin and eyes.

    For a guide to applying Vital Skin foundation, check out Gucci's video tutorials for fair, medium, and deep skin tones.


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