"I'm obsessed with exfoliating lately," says Gucci, who is mid-way through a deep skin polish using May Lindstrom's Clean Dirt—an airy powder made of cleansing clays, H2O-activated Vitamin C, and restorative salts, which she mixes with water before working into the T-zone to clear pores and "get the circulation going."

This first step of her Saturday self-care ritual preps her canvas for a 30-minute "really need a second to myself" routine that's heavy on plumping, repair, and extreme hydration, with a special time-out for a good hair conditioning and a power body scrub. In today's beauty video, she walks through all 11 steps of her ultimate weekend beauty overhaul, which includes double masking, depuffing, topical probiotics, spot treating, and—because healthy skin doesn't stop at your hairline—a deep scalp scrub for good measure.

Watch the beauty full ritual now—and let the extreme pampering begin.

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