"Hi guys! I'm so excited to be sharing our new Super Loaded Tinted Highlight in Peau de Soleil!" That's Gucci, fresh from a swim in the Hamptons and coming at you with a major launch. Taking a cue from the ultra flattering peachy-bronze suede color that turned the original Super Loaded into a best-seller, she went back to the labs earlier this year with a mission:  To develop a "beautiful bronze-gold" sister shade that would be just as universally gorgeous on all skin tones. 

Nearly 12 months in the making, Peau de Soleil—which launches today exclusively on westman-atelier.com—"gives you warmth, gives you luminosity, gives you a really nice shape," she says, using a Blender Brush to start low on the cheekbone and swirl her way up. "And it works any time of year—especially when you want to add an extra golden glow to eyes and cheeks." One thing that hasn't changed? The soft yet addictive coconut scent that smells like vacation—and makes for a year-round summery state of mind.

Watch today's mini-tutorial for Gucci's easy tips on how to wear the new Super Loaded in Peau de Soleil. 


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