Spend five minutes listening to Pashon Murray and you'll find yourself wishing you could beam her into every home from New York to Los Angeles. The American environmentalist—who appears in new Netflix's Kiss the Ground documentary alongside Woody Harrelson, Gisele Bündchen, and Patricia Arquette—has a compelling way of talking about climate change that inspires hope, not despair, and offers a simple way to help.

As one of a growing number of experts that believe composting may be the key to impacting climate change, Murray founded Detroit Dirt more than a decade ago. Tapped to appear in a Ford commercial about her work that soon went viral, she soon found her small business catapulted onto a national stage. The innovative waste management company now helps some of Michigan's biggest businesses—General Motors, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Detroit Zoo—to reduce their corporate landfill waste. But her biggest message yet starts at home: For instance, did you know that over 60 billion pounds of mineral-rich food materials go into U.S. landfills each year? Or that the healthy soil created from composting those materials can reduce greenhouse gases? Yes, really.

Here, Murray sits down with Gucci to walk through the basics of reducing your own food waste, starting with a quick audit of what you're spending on food in a week (lightbulb moment!). Watch the full video now. 

To learn more about Pashon Murray and Detroit Dirt, check out our Natural Beauties campaign, a charitable initiative that celebrates 13 inspiring individuals and the causes close to their hearts.  

Many cities have temporarily suspended curbside composting and food scrap drop offs in response to the pandemic, but the process is shockingly simple to start at home if you have a small backyard space. To find a composter near you once normal service resumes, click here.