If chef Loria Stern's colorful flower shortbread cookies look familiar, there's a reason. The ridiculously pretty treats—which feature fresh pressed blooms baked into their surface—have become an Instagram phenomenon.  Today, Gucci hits the kitchen with daughters Gray and Petal to whip up a batch in honor of Mother's Day weekend.

Armed with just five organic ingredients and a pink KitchenAid mixer, they take on the surprisingly simple recipe. In fact, the only hard part is choosing which of the colorful edible flowers, hand plucked from Stern's own organic garden in Montecito and available for purchase on her website, to press lightly on top before popping them into the oven. Fifteen minutes at 365 degrees—and voila!  "How pretty are they?!" exclaims Gucci. It's a rhetorical question, of course, and the answer is: very.  Watch the 4-minute video to learn how to make them!

Editor's note  Like gum paste sugar flowers, edible blooms and herbs may be brittle in texture. If that bothers you, simply peel them off the surface of the cookie before biting in. Enjoy!  
Learn more about Loria Stern's striking cookies and cakes here.


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