There's a reason the kitchen is Gucci's favorite room in the house:  It's the place where family and (in pre-pandemic times) friends have always gathered for pre-dinner "chomping" or easy chatting over a glass of wine.  In today's "Clean Eats" video, she shares her ultimate crowdpleaser appetizer—a delicious raw, vegan, and gluten-free snack board that melds savory crackers, fresh hummus, Marcona almonds, and a mixture of crudités—some fermented for a little kick, others simply fresh-peeled and sliced using her favorite Chicago Cutlery knives—from a nearby farmstead in the Hamptons. "It seems like everybody likes this snack, even kids," says Gucci, just seconds before her daughter, Gray, streaks by to snap up a handful of cornichons. But let's be honest: You had us at "summer snack board." 

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