If you've checked out "Makeup & Friends" beauty series—starring iconic women like Demi Moore, Phoebe Tonkin, and Kate Hudson—you're already familiar with Gucci's "spot checking" method for flawless skin. The Pointilist concealer techique involves dipping a slim brush into Vital Skin foundation, then "tap, tap, tapping" away blemishes, bumps, and imperfections with remarkable precision and no visible edges.

"Every makeup artist has that little secret, the trick up their sleeve, and this one's mine," says Gucci of our new Spot Check brush—a pinpoint tipped tool that debuts today exclusively on Westman-Atelier.com. After decades of working with a version of the targeted concealer brush in her kit, she set about developing her own.

Handcrafted by the oldest brushmakers in Japan, it features silky synthetic fibers, a perfectly designed pointy tip, and a shorter birchwood handle for more control. Think of it as a new essential duo for flawless coverage that just looks like skin—and bonus points for Vital Skin's breathable formula with soothing skincare actives to help calm irritated spots and prevent overdrying.

Watch the full video to learn more about our new Spot Check brush. For more information on our full makeup brush collection, click here!

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