"It's the journey, not the destination." That's Demi Moore talking about her revealing new memoir, Inside Out, which shot to the top of the New York Times bestseller list late last year. It's also the kind of spiritually minded wisdom that guides her candid, compassionate, and occasionally goofy take on life, whether the topic is her own hard-won path to body acceptance, acknowledging she's got eyebrow issues, or the excellent piece of mom advice it took years to learn.  In the first installment of "Makeup & Friends," a new 10-episode YouTube beauty & lifestyle series that kicks off today, Gucci sits down with the Hollywood legend inside her Beverly Hills home for a freestyle makeup tutorial and an unfiltered dose of Demi-sized realness. Watch as Moore opens up about the better-than-black eye shadow color that makes her eyes pop, her 7 adorable rescue pups, and what really went into that Charlie's Angels body.

10 episodes. 10 iconic women. 10 unfiltered conversations. Join Gucci for Season 1 of "Makeup & Friends" as she talks real beauty confessions and obsessions with her favorite mold-breaking muses!