Here's a burning work-from-home question in the age of the virtual Zoom meeting: Do you spend that crucial 30 seconds before your next team call on sculpting cheekbones or getting dressed? Today, Gucci gives a flash lesson in contour using Face Trace and our new Baby Blender brush. The clean and blendable formula contains innovative life-like biomimicry pigments, while the unique compact brush is the precise size for buffing it into the skin. Her best advice? Sweep it wherever you want subtle definition—along cheekbones, eyelids, or even the nose. If you mess up, no big deal—just use a bit of foundation as instant erase. And remember, the road to executive realness has everything to do with the right contour stick. Let's go!

For more ways to use Baby Blender, check out our Baby Cheeks blush tutorial and our guide to choosing the best blush shade for your skin tone.

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