Let's be honest. The past six weeks have not been easy—and whoever or whatever helps lift you up has never felt more valuable. That can be something as simple as a favorite skincare ritual and 15-minutes to yourself that feels like an absolute luxury. 

For Gucci, the calming and meditative boost of her weekly resurfacing regimen is a self-care essential that's a game changer when she manages to squeeze it in. On heavy rotation: A lineup of clean beauty brightening, clarifying, and hydrating formulas, which have a synergistic effect that leaves her skin hydrated, healthy, and glowing. Come inside her bathroom to watch the full 7-step ritual, which starts with Tata Harper's Refreshing Cleanser and ends with In Fiore's plant-powered face oil to seal in moisture and dial up radiance.

The Hit List: Gucci's 7-Step Favorite Skincare Ritual


For Gucci's favorite follow-up makeup routine, check out our luminous glow tutorial, starring Vital Skin and Lit Up. Like all our clean beauty products, they soothe and protect the skin with plant-powered actives at efficacy levels so skin improves while you wear it.