"Did you know that 80% of sun damage comes from accidental exposure?" Gucci says, who is standing in her bathroom and ready for an instant skincare reboot. She's citing statistics that say incidental UV rays from, say, running a quick errand or driving crosstown to work are major complexion offenders—not just a day at the beach. Still, summertime brings "more sun, more wind, more [outdoor] elements" that trigger dryness, hyperpigmentation, and irritation. In today's beauty tutorial, she puts her favorite cooling, calming, and replenishing skincare products into action for an emergency overhaul.

The first step, says Gucci, is clearing away dead cells and congested skin: Retrouvé's face priming pads exfoliate with natural acids and humectants, while Eminence's cooling probiotic mask shrinks pores and calms breakouts. Then, she swirls Saro de Rúe freeze-dried hyaluronic acid ampoule and activating serum together in the palm of her hand and applies for a potent moisture infusion.

"I don't have perfect skin, I'm so far from perfect, I have large pores, rosacea, all these red areas. But if you start [your makeup application] by treating the skin, your outcome will be so much better," Gucci says. Without further delay, she reaches for Vital Skin foundation, which she formulated with treatment actives like camellia oil, squalene, and calming phytosphingosine extract because "after I do all this beautiful skincare, I want it to continue."

A quick touch-up only where needed—the reddish zones around the nose, the occasional blemish or spot—works wonders.  "I'm fully happy with my skin now and ready to start the day," she says with a clap. Now how's that for starting September on the right foot?

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