It's a recent Monday morning and Gucci is standing inside Credo's sunny Soho boutique, on the brink of a major fall beauty splurge. "Some new skincare, some new supplements!" she says of what's on the shopping list. After an eventful summer, there are sun spots to tackle and a small constellation of blocked pores that cropped up after a new sunscreen didn't agree with her skin. And while the cooler fall days are admittedly glorious, she adds, they culminate in a somewhat less glorious skin situation—aka, dryness, dullness, and redness.

If she's learned anything, Gucci says, it's that launching a preemptive strike now, just before the weather really changes, goes a long way in keeping skin happy and healthy.  So in today's beauty video, she shops the clean boutique's cherry picked product lineup in search of old favorites and new discoveries. Making the cut? A daily lactic acid tonic that gently dissolves dead skin and fades pigmentation, a Vitamin C body oil that tightens and brightens, a deeply nourishing radiance mask, and a face-toning beauty gadget. After a quick stop by the Westman Atelier shelf for a Vital Skin foundation touch-up, she stocks up on nutritional supplements, like Beauty Chef's Gut Primer and Moon Juice's Collagen Protect, that boost skin on a fundamental level. 

Her final stop is Credo's drop-off recycling station in collaboration with Pact, a new non-profit that specializes in sustainable solutions for beauty packaging waste. With her summer empties safely disposed of and fresh room in her makeup bag, she's streamlined and ready to go for fall. Watch the full video for her complete Credo skincare haul now!


Then, want to level up your beauty routine for the upcoming holidays? Join Gucci and Credo virtually for an exclusive Makeup Masterclass on November 10th.

And for more top seasonal clean beauty product musts, check out Gucci's morning ritual for cleaning up sun damage and boosting hydration before makeup. The result is a refined, flowing canvas that's ready for foundation—or just as radiant without.