Q: How do you create Jennifer Aniston's golden glow?

"It's all about this idea of amplified skin that's golden and healthy," says Gucci, sharing the secret to The Morning Show and Friends star's effortless glow. The pair have worked together for over 20 years, creating some of Aniston's most major makeup moments, from a winning Golden Globes look to her iconic Vogue and Harper's Bazaar covers.

The all-American actress's signature look has a warm, sun-kissed feel, which Gucci creates by applying Beauty Butter Bronzer first to really emphasize the skin. Next comes two shades of Vital Skin Foundation to mimic natural tan tonality, a swipe of Face Trace for soft definition, and Super Loaded Peau de Pêche for a radiant peachy finish. Jen's favorite glow boost of the moment is Nectar, the best-selling glassy highlight stick that she puts "wherever her skin needs a pick-me-up." Watch the full video for more of Gucci's go-to tricks and products—including an all-natural Nars lip color and the stealth body oil that's the ultimate back-from-the-beach closer.

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