“I grew up in Sweden—we’re used to the cold!” Gucci says of prepping for her first-ever cryotherapy session at New York City’s Clean Market: She’s about to step into the wellness spa’s deep freeze chamber, which reduces inflammation, boosts energy, and speeds muscle recovery using a controlled blast of frigid -220 °F air for up to 3 minutes. It’s all in a day’s work at the Midtown detox destination, where an hour in the infrared sauna, followed by a cryo treatment, cold blast facial, and an energizing IV drip infusion are part of the full body reset—along with a quick Vitamin B booster shot and a stop at the in-store wellness apothecary to stock up on the best mineral sunscreen, probiotic supplements, natural toothpaste and magic detox bath powder.

Here’s what happens with Gucci takes the 24-hour chill out challenge.