"I try always to focus on what I can be grateful for, and our family has been extremely fortunate to have our health and our jobs during the pandemic—but I have desperately missed traveling to my favorite cities (and exploring new ones!) this past year. It's both inspiring and grounding to discover different cultures, to see what makes them unique.

Today marks an exciting moment for Westman Atelier—we're introducing international shipping, meaning we can now send orders directly to 24 cities around the world. I hope a little box from us with a clean, brightening cheek color or a beautiful foundation packed with skin-calming actives will bring a bit of joy and diversion right now. To celebrate, I'm sending love to six international destinations with a special place in my heart. I may not be able to visit them right now, but I escape to them often in my mind, and my thoughts are with the beautiful people we've met during our travels. I'm rooting for all of us." xx Gucci

“My husband David and I went to Hotel Splendido in Portofino on our honeymoon, and again for our 10-year anniversary. On my fortieth birthday, we visited Castiglion del Bosco, another incredibly special place. Big celebrations in Italy are a tradition for us now when marking major life moments, although these days I am lucky enough to travel to Milan a few times a year to work on Westman Atelier product development.  I love the warmth of Italians, how welcoming the culture is. I love the starched beautiful linens. And I love the food! I could eat pasta with white truffle every single day. My favorite dessert is sgroppino—a digestif made with tart green apple sorbet, vodka, sparkling wine, and whipped cream.”

“For my mother-in-law’s 70th birthday, we took the trip of a lifetime to South Africa with our immediate family to visit the wildlife reserves.  It was my first time on the African continent and it was breathtaking.  Every morning, we woke up early with the sun. The scale of the land and beauty of the animals—elephants, giraffes, buffalo—is just awe-inspiring.  We are a family of tremendous animal lovers and a favorite gift of mine for young kids is to 'adopt' an animal in their name as a way to support wildlife charity. For us to be able to see the real thing together is something I’ll never forget.”

“My maternal grandparents are Irish and my brother is married to a wonderful Irish girl, so we have spent a great deal of time in Ireland. The Irish are the friendliest, funniest people in the world.  My husband is English, and we try to see friends there or catch a rugby match when we can. I always like the Merrion Hotel in Dublin. Further South, we've stayed at the spectacular Adare Manor, which is an hour and a half from the Cliffs of Moher and two hours from the stunning Dingle Peninsula. I love a good Guinness and brown bread when we’re there. And I love how close it is to New York City, which makes it a quick trip for us.  My dream is to live in Ireland—someday, somehow!”

“I’ve always adored Mexico for a quick and beautiful getaway—Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Tulum—there’s nothing more relaxing than fish tacos, a Pacifico beer, and playing cards on the beach. The water is warm, so it’s easy to jump in and out, and great for our kids. The village in Tulum is so nice with yoga, great little restaurants. But I think Cabo might be my favorite spot in Mexico. I dream of the nachos at Las Ventanas! I’d also like to revisit Mexico City again someday soon, with its incredible culture and exploding food and arts scene.”

"There’s nothing like Paris. I started my career in makeup school there in my twenties. I thought, ‘at least if I don’t end up being good at makeup, I’ll have learned French!’ Later, when I worked as the artistic director for Lancôme, I was in Paris twice a month. My favorite hotel is La Réserve. The Hemingway Bar at The Ritz Hotel is always fun, and I try to go to La Girafe or L’Avenue for dinner, but Cafe Maisie is my go-to for a healthy everyday lunch.

When I have time, I always stop at David Mallett's salon for the most incredible cut, color, shiatsu hot oil hair treatment, and blowdry; Elaine Huntzinger is a favorite for facials. But mostly, I love to walk and discover things—little book stores, perfume shops, the museums. The last time I visited, I happened upon the most special coffee cups.  Other great recent discoveries are Chambelland bakery for gluten-free bread and Wild & The Moon for almond milk lattes."  

"My dad is Swedish and I grew up near Gothenburg. We go back with our kids often to visit family. It’s important to me that they cherish the culture as much as I do! The Midsommar celebration is my favorite time. When the sun is shining, I also love the Botanical Garden for a day outdoors with the kids—there’s a beautiful restaurant and playground with the most incredible garden of different rose species. Everyone wears flowers in their hair. 

We always make a stop in Stockholm, where I discover more each time I visit. The city has a delicious food scene, incredible boutiques, as well as interesting home and beauty brands. Two years ago in June, we traveled by boat to the nearby archipelagos about 3 hours outside the city—they're so unique and spectacular in their simplicity. There’s also Gotland, a medieval town and UNESCO World Heritage site off the Swedish coast, which is arresting with its cobblestone streets and ancient sites. The kids loved the Faroe islands, which are filled with sheep!  I just can't wait to visit our dear friends and family again."


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