Years of early mornings on set have taught Gucci that even the world's most beautiful faces can benefit from a good night's sleep and a targeted skincare arsenal. "Evening is when the cells regenerate and repair," she says of the science behind the products and tricks she swears by herself for waking up looking refreshed.  

It all starts with Pai's lightweight rosehip cleansing oil, which leaves skin plump and dewy, never overstripped. Next, Gucci gets down to dermarolling using the tiny, carefully calibrated needles on her favorite handheld device to prep her skin for maximum absorption of New York City plastic surgeon Lara Devgan's Platinum Hyaluronic Serum. Rolling upward along her cheekbones, she adds, gives her face an extra sculpting boost.

To prevent dryness, Gucci reaches for Aria Starr's cold-pressed Reship Seed Oil. (It's great for calming down her rosacea.) She usually seals it into the skin using Subtle Energies' Rejuvenating Gold Cream—the small batch, family-run skincare line, which is made in Australia, also boosts collagen with powerful botanical extracts.  

A quick dab of M61 cream—dabbed on an angry blemish with a Q-tip—is bright white and hard to miss as an overnight spot mask. But good things come to those who wait. "I hope it'll be flat in the morning," she says.  On the off chance it's not? There's always salvation in a face-skimming turtleneck and a dab of Vital Skin foundation.

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