"Years ago, my husband, David, surprised me for Mother's Day with a weeping cherry tree, which he planted outside the kitchen window of our home so I'd always be able to look out onto it. Since then, planting something special together as a family has become a tradition: one year it was lilac trees—I grew up with them outside my window in Sweden and they remind me of my childhood; another year, it was an apple tree. I love that it's something we can do together, it's good for the planet, and it feels meaningful because it lasts forever. There are so many inspiring foundations that offer easy ways to make a similar gesture even if you can't be together—in particular, I'm loving One Tree Planted's initiative to aid Australia following its devastating bushfires by restoring over 6 million trees in 2020.

This week, ahead of Mother's Day weekend, we drove out to the trail near our house in upstate New York with our children Dash, Grey, and Petal. We took along wildflower seeds like poppies and sweetpeas and dug small holes in a clearing to scatter them. It was an uplifting way to spend a spring afternoon right now and a great diversion for the kids—but not so much so that it wore out their energy and patience! On Sunday, I'm guessing they'll make me cards and breakfast in bed and promise not to torture me for twenty-four hours. Perfection."

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