There's a reason French pharmacies rank high on the list of little Parisian pleasures: Stocking an edited range of insider pro skincare remedies and homeopathic cures, they're also democratically priced—meaning a second suitcase-worthy beauty haul is never out of the question. There is also the fact that the European Union's list of banned cosmetic substances includes some 1,300 chemicals while the US prohibits only 11. (Really.) In the midst of a whirlwind Paris Fashion Week, Gucci hits up one of her favorite local outposts to score a few classics—and snap up some fresh new discoveries.  

Making the cut? The backstage makeup remover every pro loves (Gucci's tip: get the wipes, not the micellar water). A depuffing probiotic that keeps digestion in equilibrium when traveling. The hard-to-find mini sunscreen that's invisible under makeup and comes in the cutest pocket-sized package. And a holistic supplement for improved concentration and reduced anxiety that her actress clientele buys in bulk. 

Here, come inside Gucci's French pharmacy tour and watch her share her absolute favorite product picks.