Q: Which Super Loaded Tinted Highlight Color is Right for My Skin Tone?

This week's 'Ask Gucci' has to do with our best-selling Super Loaded Tinted Highlight in Peau de Soleil and Peau de Pêche. "Everyone always asks, 'which shade is right for me?!' says Gucci, who explains the difference here.

Everyone always asks which shade is right for them!

"Peau de Soleil is a true bronze-gold color—it's beautiful and it gives warmth and it makes me feel vacation-y," says Gucci, who loves to wear it when she's already sun-kissed from summer holidays. Meanwhile, Peau de Pêche contains subtle rose-gold undertones that "give you more of a cool, blush-y, peachy, healthy finish."  

Still undecided? Look to your skin tone. Both Super Loaded shades were developed to be universally flattering, but Peau de Pêche tends to pop more on slightly lighter complexions, while Peau de Soleil looks especially striking on medium to dark skin tone. The rest comes down to a certain state of mind: Like choosing a favorite lipstick for the day, "you can go between them depending on your mood," says Gucci. "It's nice to have options!"


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