Q: Which Lit Up Highlight shade is right for me?

"I don't know which one I'm more in love with!" exclaims Gucci after unboxing each of the three Lit Up Highlight Stick shades. "To me, having luminous skin just exudes wellness and these clean, multitasking highlighters always give that just-had-a-facial glow on any skin tone."

While there are no set rules on which one to choose, today, Gucci shares her best shade selection tips, along with her favorite ways to apply. "It's all about preference and how you'd like to see your natural skin enhanced."

There's the original best-seller, Lit, which imparts skin with a cool iridescent gleam, or the newer "drop-dead gorgeous" Nectar, which has a warm golden peachy undertone. Then, last but certainly not least is Brûlée, a beautiful bronze gold that either gives skin a soft glow or a more defined sun-kissed radiance— depending on the wearer's complexion.

Watch the full video now to take your pick!

Lit, Nectar, and Brûlée

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