Q: How do I create a bold red lip?

Today's question is all about amplifying your skin's radiance with a crisp, classic, and universally flattering red lip. Here, Gucci selects the bright tomato color from the Lip Suede palette and shares the story behind the vibrant shade, which was created for Reese Witherspoon and used on three generations of women in her family on a recent Vogue shoot. She starts with the lip brush to seamlessly paint on the highly-pigmented yet hydrating color and finishes with a few pro tips about helping lipstick stay put. And while a bold red lip is one empowering way to make your voice heard, Gucci closes with an important message: "Nothing is more empowering than registering to vote. It only takes two minutes to apply a red lip, and two minutes to register to vote. Let's support each other and get out there!" Watch the full video now.

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