Q: What's the best daily sunscreen for year-round coverage?

"As a makeup artist, the quality of the skin always comes first," says Gucci of the impetus behind her daily sunscreen habit, which includes layering on a mineral-based broad-spectrum formula under foundation, even in the colder months. The potential for UV-induced hyper pigmentation and fine lines aside, Gucci says the wake-up call that really jump started her SPF commitment was a small, scaly red patch of skin that cropped up on her nose a few years back. Diagnosed as a basal cell carcinoma, she had Moh's surgery to remove it, and has been vigilant ever since.  

These days, "sporty but smart" is her 365 day-a-year motto, especially when it comes to long afternoons outdoors or beach vacations. In the case of the latter, coverage doesn't stop at the neck. "I always apply sunscreen to my chest and arms, too." When necessary, she also doubles up with protective clothing by Cover Swim and Maryisa.

In our latest "Ask Gucci" on IGTV, she shares her favorite mineral-based daily sunscreen formula—and asks for your top picks, too. The hands-down MVP vote from @westmanatelier friends and followers? EltaMD's powerful broad-spectrum formulas (including their best-selling UV Clear SPF 46—excellent for those with dark skin tones that find traditional sunscreens ashy). Also making the list: Coola's innovative range, which distills sun deflecting ingredients into everything from serum-like 'drops' to matte tinted creams;  Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense 50; Ren Clean Screen Mineral SPF30, BeautyCounter Protect All-Over Sunscreen SPF30, and Josh Rosebrook Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30.

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