When Gucci sat down for an IG Live with successful French journalist-turned-fashion designer Alexandra Golovanoff a few weeks back, we were flooded with DMs and emails asking us to post the full video on Gucci's Guide. It's easy to see why: The Franco-Russian beauty is striking and full of simple makeup, skincare, and fitness wisdom.

In fact, Golovanoff's perfect-fit sweaters are devised in a palette of soft salmon pinks, mossy mints, and beige-golds—tones that are made to give a subtle yet hyper-flattering boost to the complexion. "I had the idea of cosmetic sweaters," she laughingly tells Gucci of the spark behind her 4-year-old self-title luxury knitwear line, which is sold at AlexandraGolovanoff.com and Le Bon Marché in Paris. "I work on the colors of my sweaters probably as you do with your [blush]."

At 50, Golovanoff has never looked better.  "At [this] age, we know how our body is working and we know how to manage with it," she says. She also swears by a warming wash of Beauty Butter Bronzer on cheeks and eyelids, and a touch of the dusty rose shade from the Lip Suede palette to amplify her pillowy mouth. And when it comes to cheeks,  "for me, the pinks, they don't have to be bluish, they have to be more coral or a tiny touch of orange," she explains.

As for the secret to her notoriously perfect fit jeans? You'll have to watch the full video to find out!

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