It’s 8:30am and things are picking up speed at Brock Collection, the rising fashion house that’s about to send its spring collection down the New York Fashion Week runway. Backstage, Gucci is channeling the vibe of its fluttery floral dresses with glowing skin and Westman Atelier’s creamy blush and highlighter sticks. In just over an hour, the show’s fresh-faced model cast will take their finale walk—but for Gucci, the day is just getting started.  

Fast forward to 11:30, and she’s on the way to YouTube’s Chelsea headquarters for a top secret meeting about the launch of her beauty channel, followed by an emergency product testing session at her Upper West Side apartment. There, Gucci tries on the latest sample of her new clean mascara, a 96% natural origins formula that she ultimately sends back to the lab for tweaking after a production misfire leaves it less than pitch black—aka, less than perfect.

By now, she’s experiencing the first signs of a mid-afternoon energy crash—nothing a superfood-infused power drink can’t fix in the form of a warm Tocos and cinnamon- spiked brew. And with that, she’s off to get ready for a Rag & Bone dinner that doubles as a date night with her husband, David. No time for a full pre-party transformation? No problem when you’ve got a closet full of makeup and a totally valid excuse for “product testing” at your fingertips. Here’s a 24-hour inside look at her marathon day.