There's something about spring that calls for a 360-degree reboot—especially when it comes to jumpstarting fresh, luminous skin. Enter Macrene Alexiades, the New York City dermatologist behind many of Hollywood and fashion's most recognizable faces. Known for her conservative approach and emphasis on natural beauty, she's one of the country's foremost laser specialists. Today, Gucci brings the camera inside her treatment room for a new skincare series. In this episode, she takes a close-up look at a top laser modality that makes last summer's dark spots disappear. Plus, phase one of Alexiades's approach to resurfacing crepe-y skin on the difficult-to-treat chest area, which she also targets with her powerful Macrene Actives creams and serums— a skincare line she developed to revitalize and protect cells between office visits.  How's that for starting the sunny season with a clean slate? 

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