The sheen of a gloss. The bounce of a balm. The pillowy pop of a moisture infusion. When Gucci was whipping up our addictive new lip treatment in the labs, she wanted all of the above—plus a fresh hint of color. “I was desperate to find a formula that was free of silicones and mineral oils," she recalls of the impetus behind the clean and cushiony formula. "I wanted that ‘wow’ moment with a heavenly enveloping texture and the perfect amount of color payoff."

Meet Squeaky Clean—a collection of 6 lip-boosting shades that deliver juicy nourishment and (yes!) squeaky clean and safe ingredients. Harnessing an innovative gel-oil system, the lip formula uses a blend of organic jojoba, argan, and almond oils (for hydration) and shea butter (for soothing nourishment). “As a makeup artist, it was important that the finish was glassy smooth, not sticky," Gucci says of zeroing in on the lush and comforting finish. And then there's the super flattering color range.  “We started with fourteen shades and edited down to the perfect six in my makeup kit, from cool beige to raspberry," she says. "Then we added mega moisture, pillowy plant oils, and the most darling packaging." 

Whether you fall in love with Nana, Nou Nou, Chou Chou, Garçonne, Ma Puce, or Pipsqueak—all named for Gucci's favorite terms of endearment—just depends on your mood. "They're fun, easy, intuitive," says Gucci.  "It's spring after all. Start fresh." Here, she reveals the full Squeaky Clean collection—and tries on all six shades.  



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