How much skincare is too much skincare? That just depends on your storage space.  New York City apartments are famously small—so to make room for her extended stash, Gucci took over the floor-to-ceiling beauty closet inside her upstate Bedford, New York home.

Today's video tour through her products includes more than a few cultish favorites discovered during days on set:  SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence claims prime real estate with an entire shelf of its own. Pour the antioxidant-rich Japanese elixir into your hands, "then pat it on your face, your neck, anywhere you want more hydration,” Gucci explains—plus it comes in tiny spray bottles that are great for the plane.   Boxes of Viviscal are also a must. “I go between [those] and Nutrafol for hair and nail strengthening," she says while reaching for a little pink and white box. 

Moving right along, Eminence’s all-natural face masks and Dr. Hauschka’s Regenerating body cream make the essentials list—but the true mark of a good product can also be how little of it is still on hand. “I used to have this hydrating serum six deep,” she says of Skinceuticals’ B5 miracle formula. “Now there’s only one left!”  

Supercharged skincare devices call for a designated section. ”I recently started microneedling at night with rosehip oil because I read that it’s really good for rosacea and redness,” Gucci explains. Also up for consideration: NuFace’s Trinity microcurrent pod (her go-to for flights), Fortech’s portable high-frequency system (snapped up on Amazon for a good price), and IlluMask’s LED device (still in the box, but not for long). 

 “[My husband] David does not have one product in any of these cupboards—really, like not one,” Gucci admits with a laugh as she flips through more cabinets. Fortunately, her kids make the cut! La Roche-Posay sunscreen keeps baby skin safe and she swears by model Karolina Kurkova’s Gryphon & Ivy Rose line—their clean shampoo is pediatrician-approved “and they make supplements for kids!”   

But Gucci’s true day-to-day staples can be found at the sink: Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream, Moon Juice’s Beauty Shroom Exfoliating Acid Potion, and Elemental Herbology’s Coconut Shell Cream Scrub sit alongside her Westman Atelier makeup, which includes multiple Baby Cheeks blush sticks, Beauty Butter Bronzer, and a sneak peak lab sample of her new Eye Love You clean mascara—coming soon!

Watch Gucci's full bathroom beauty closet tour now.