Small changes have the potential to make a big impact on the environment, especially when it comes to shifting everyday habits. For Katerina Bogatireva, it was an alarming statistic that kicked off her own journey to reduce daily household waste a few years back. “Only 9% of plastic waste in the U.S. ends up being recycled,” she explains of the impetus behind Precycle—New York City’s first zero-waste, and package-free grocery store.

Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, Precycle's mission is to empower customers to reduce waste by bringing simple kitchen solutions, innovative household products and, most importantly, reusable mesh bags and mason jars to shop. Fresh produce comes from local vendors to reduce the carbon footprint and any packaging that is at Precycle (like milk and eggs) is either glass or biodegradable. So, how does this grocery store of the future work? Today, Gucci gets the full tour.

First, Bogatireva guides her to pre-weigh her reusable containers, mark their weights, and fill them up with dry goods from lentils to locally sourced almonds. After a lap or two around the legumes and a break for fresh kombucha on tap, Gucci heads to checkout, where that original weight is simply subtracted from the new total and voilà!

Watch Bogatireva highlight her favorite earth-friendly household alternatives, including Hay Straws, package-free dish soap, and Bamboo Toilet Paper. If you aren't anywhere near New York City, not to worry: There are plenty of simple tips and brands recommendations to pick up that will change your grocery game for the better. 


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