Motherhood is many thing—joyful, life-changing, and hugely grounding rank high on the list of adjectives. But one word that's rarely used in the same breath as new parenthood? Restful. For Goop senior editor Megan O'Neill, each day with her one-year-old son, Lagos, is a juggling act between work, family, and the art of the unexpected. "He's pretty chill....but he has his moments!" says the Brooklyn-based veteran beauty pro, who on this particular day is trying her hardest to get Lagos down for a nap while mainlining her second cup of coffee. Fortunately, she's got access to the most transformative skincare products on the market—and a streamlined 'wake up' makeup routine that's five minutes tops. 

Just in time for Mother's Day, O'Neill shares her brightening skincare prep (hello, Vitamin C) and the multi-tasking makeup staples that get her out the door looking fresh. Bonus: It's a product lineup that's highly conducive to holding Lagos on one hip at the same time. Watch the full video now!