When it comes to recreating the look of fresh-faced, velvety, ridiculously perfect baby skin, what better inspiration is there than the real thing? Meet Petal—the pint-sized, blue-eyed, exceptionally cute mini-me whose rosy lips and cheeks are the spark behind our best-selling Baby Cheeks blush color.

A regular presence in the Westman Atelier headquarters, Gucci’s 2.5-year old daughter can often be seen popping in and out of doorways, repurposing packaging components as toys, and—signature move!—practicing her brush skills.  For Gucci, who became pregnant with her youngest daughter while developing the Westman Atelier line, clean makeup has never seemed more important. “I wanted something that I could feel good about, that I didn’t have to think about when my kids kissed my face,” she says. Bonus points if one of them grows up to be your very own beauty intern.

Gucci's daughter Petal sits in a basket on the beach